Dry pepper foreign matter removal cleaning machine
  • Dry pepper foreign matter removal cleaning machine

Dry pepper foreign matter removal cleaning machine

Type: Washing equipment
Product usage:Cleaning of vegetables, fruits, seafood and medicinal materials
Scope of application:Vegetables, fruits, seafood, medicinal materials, etc

Product  introduction

The foreign matter removal and cleaning machine of dry pepper adopts high-pressure steam bubble water bath for washing, supplemented by strong water flow. It is suitable for the washing of stem, leaf vegetables, mushrooms, Chinese herbal medicine and other raw materials, especially for the washing and desalting of wild vegetables and pickled vegetables. It has large washing capacity, high cleaning rate and does not harm the raw materials. It flows to the conveyor belt through turning over, and is washed and transmitted to the conveyor belt by high-pressure water flow on the mesh belt. The equipment is made of stainless steel SUS304 except for fasteners such as motor and bearing, which fully meets the hygienic and safety standards of exported food. The equipment is equipped with bubble generating device and high-pressure spraying device to make the raw materials roll and have the function of removing agricultural residues on the surface of the product. At the same time, an appropriate amount of reagent can be added to clean and fix the color. The floating debris can overflow from the overflow tank and the sediment can be discharged from the outlet to achieve the purpose of flushing.

Scope application

The dry pepper foreign matter removal cleaning machine can be used to clean leafy vegetables and fruits and vegetables with soft skin. During cleaning, the pepper rolls forward with the water flow and is washed by the high-pressure spraying technology. The washing effect is good, the materials are well preserved, and the nutritional value and edible components of the materials will not be damaged


1. After the dry pepper foreign matter removal cleaning machine is powered on, please do not directly start up and run in an all-round way. First, open the mesh belt for operation to ensure whether the mesh belt rotates forward.

2. Before operation, please add water in the pool to 15 cm of the submerged scraper (according to the material cleaning standard and output).

3. Put the tap water into the spray pipe at the lifting part of the equipment, and then pour a small amount of products to be washed successively.

4. This machine is mainly used to clean pesticides on the surface and fine sand impurities in the included angle.

5. Check the safety and stability of power line connection before use. After the tap water is connected, start the equipment. After the operation is stable, pour the products to be washed successively.

6. Each bearing seat of the equipment shall be maintained regularly every cycle, and lubricant shall be added. If the chain is loose or too long, it shall be tightened or replaced in time.



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