Chaotian pepper cutting machine
  • Chaotian pepper cutting machine

Chaotian pepper cutting machine

Scope of application:
Dimensions: length, width and height 950*65*110
Motor power: GB 3KW
Output of pepper picking machine: 200-300kg/h
Weight: 110kg

Product introduction:

The Chaotian pepper cutting and cutting machine can effectively remove the pepper handles of various types and strains of peppers such as Chaotian pepper, Huanggong pepper, Beijing red, and Indian pepper. It can remove the handle for the dried pepper, and also can realize the corresponding cutting treatment for the fresh pepper. Under normal circumstances, a well-functioning pepper cutting machine can be based on ensuring a cutting rate of more than 95%. This machine is simple, convenient and quick in operation, and can quickly clean the peppers. It greatly saves manpower and liberates the productivity of industrial workers. And effectively save time and cost. Chaotian pepper cutting and cutting machine using method The pepper cutting machine fully uses machinery to replace human repetitive labor, which not only greatly improves labor efficiency, but also saves precious time, and has won time for batch processing and supply of pepper products. .

The role of pepper:

Chili has become a common vegetable or condiment in Chinese people's dinner table. When nutritionists introduce peppers, peppers are full of treasures. Peppers contain several vitamins that the human body needs. The capsaicin it contains has antioxidant effects and has a good effect on some medical history of the human body. Carotene: peppers are rich in carotene, however carotene is a strong antioxidant that can prevent arteriosclerosis by preventing LDL from being oxidized to its harmful form. Antioxidant substances: Chili peppers contain many antioxidant substances, which can predict symptoms and other chronic diseases. Chili peppers can also kill cold bacteria and be used for coughs and colds. In addition, pepper can kill parasites in the stomach and abdomen, and play a role in strengthening the stomach and nourishing the stomach.


The machine has reasonable design, high performance, simple operation and convenient maintenance. It is the leading hob cutting design on the market at present. Chaotian pepper cutting handle cutting machine has changed the traditional analog manual cutting principle, greatly improving work efficiency and economic benefits. Chaotian pepper cutting and cutting machine uses 220v power supply and is equipped with 1.5kw motor, which can process 300-500kg per hour. Small, medium and large. The size of our common cut peppers is 10mm, and other sizes need to be customized by contacting customers. The unique integrated design of cutting and sieve simplifies the operation process of removing seeds from peppers, and the processed products are neat and beautiful in appearance.



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