Pepper cap remover
  • Pepper cap remover

Pepper cap remover

Product parameters:
Custom processing: Yes
Power: 3Kw
Power supply voltage: 220V
Scope of application: pepper
Dimensions: 700*800*1200mm
Weight: 220kg

Market expectation:

The pepper cap remover is easy to use, only needs one person to pour the pepper, the maintenance is simple, and the automatic separation of finished products and waste can be achieved. In our production, processing and life, many living raw materials are basically realized by machinery, which greatly reflects the advanced nature of the industrial age. The reality is that in the process of production and processing, if the use of manpower is more laborious, or there is a certain amount of harm to the human body, people will make great efforts to research the equipment in this area. In the actual production and processing life, as long as you pay attention and observe a little, it is not difficult to find. In recent years, the overall supply and demand of pepper products has increased year by year with the passage of time. The number of potential customers for the chili cap remover is still quite staggering.

Product introduction:

The pepper capping machine includes a frame and a transmission mechanism. The improvement lies in that the frame is provided with a pepper capping machine device that separates the capsicum from the straw, and includes a set of comb-shaped fingers with forward teeth. The new model solves the problem of manual harvesting, especially realizes the mechanized capping of pepper large-scale planting, which not only saves labor, but also greatly improves production efficiency and reduces production costs.

Scope of application:

The pepper cap removal machine is mainly suitable for the removal of handles (handles) during the processing of peppers (Chaotian peppers, millet peppers, bell peppers, American red, Yiduhong, Dabanjiao and other peppers). For dry peppers with a moisture content of 20%, Its cutting capacity can reach 60kg/h, and the clean rate of cutting pepper shank is over 95%.

After-sale service:

The machine is not caused by human factors within one year. If the machine parts need to be replaced due to product quality, the company will not only replace the parts free of charge, but also bear the cost of accessories packaging and transportation. The machine provides technical support for life. Serve everyone, and fundamentally relieve your pre-purchase worries and after-sales worries.



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