Hob type pepper cutting machine

Hob type pepper cutting machine

Motor capacity : 3KW
Voltage: 220V
Net weight: 200 KG
Processing capacity: 300~500kg/h
Dimensions: 1550mm×550mm×880mm

Product introduction:

The hob type chili cutting machine is a machine produced by our company for cutting various types of chili. This equipment can be equipped with a conveyor belt, which can automatically transport the chili to be cut to the cutting edge of the equipment. It can be imitated by manual cutting, with high processing efficiency. It can process hundreds of kilograms of materials per hour, which greatly gets rid of the limitations of manual work. The equipment is made of stainless steel, which fully meets the standards of food hygiene.

Scope of application:

The hob type chili cutting machine is mainly used for cutting various fresh chili and dried chili. It can cut chili segments, chili rings, chili shreds, etc.

Product advantages:

1. The hob-type chili cutting machine has a reasonable structure, easy application and convenient maintenance.

2. The conveyor belt is used to automatically transport the chili to the knife edge, imitating the manual work of cutting circles and sections, and the chili can be adjusted arbitrarily from the cutting edge to cross-cut chili rings and chili sections with a length of 1-40mm.

3. It can process 300-500 kg of chili per hour. This equipment is a good machine for chili processing enterprises, food factories, chili production areas, etc. to carry out deep processing of chili.

4. The protective cover of the equipment is made of organic glass, which is more reliable in application.

5. When working, you can see the operation status of the knife, to prevent the cut chili from plugging the knife, and there is a vibrating screen inside, which can separate the chili from the chili seeds.

6. The whole equipment shell is made of thickened stainless steel plate, which is clean, hygienic, reliable and efficient.


1. Carefully check whether the dicing machine is defective, damaged or loose, and ensure that the machine is in good condition.

2. Check whether there is dirt in the shell, and remove the dirt in the shell, otherwise it will easily lead to damage to the blade.

3. Clear the operation site, check whether the working voltage of the power supply is consistent with the working voltage of the machine, and whether the grounding mark is reliably connected to the grounding wire. Turn off the switch, activate the "ON" button, and check whether the steering is correct (face the pusher dial, turn the pusher dial counterclockwise to be correct), otherwise, disconnect the power supply adjustment wiring.

4. Connect the water source for use.



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