Dried Chili Shredding Machine
  • Dried Chili Shredding Machine

Dried Chili Shredding Machine

Machine size: 750X500X1000mm
Cutting length: 1-60mm
Machine weight: 60KG
Output: 500-800KG/HR
Power supply: 220V single-phase
Horsepower: 1/2HP+1/2HP

Product introduction:

Dried chili shredding machine, as can be seen from the name, this is a processing equipment for shredding dried chili chili. This product can shred dry chili, fresh chili, green chili and other foods. Manufacturers with a large amount of chili processing are widely used and have the characteristics of high work efficiency, uniform shredding, etc. It is developed and manufactured by simulating the working principle of manual cutting. The operation is relatively simple, the maintenance is convenient and fast, and the price is reasonable. high advantage.

Scope of application:

The dry chili shredding machine is specially used for shredding dry and fresh chili, shredding kelp, and slicing mushrooms.It has high speed and uniform shredding, which is especially suitable for units with a large amount of chili processing.

Product advantages:

1. The eccentric wheel of the chili shredding machine can be adjusted so that the knife rest reaches the bottom dead center and then extends the knife rest upwards by 1-2mm. Compared with the flat-type comb, it is not easy to be damaged and the material flows out smoothly.

2. The chili shredding machine has reasonable price, relatively simple operation, convenient and fast maintenance, and high production volume, which can greatly reduce the physical labor of workers.

3. The product design is simple and atmospheric, the chili shredding machine is easy to operate and easy to adjust

4. This machine is developed and manufactured by simulating the working principle of manual cutting, which is relatively simple to operate and convenient and quick to maintain.

5. The small dry chili shredding machine adopts the length adjustment process. The length of the cutting section can be adjusted according to the user's needs within the corresponding range, and the operation of adjusting the length is relatively simple.


1. Before using the dried chili shredding machine, it is necessary to comprehensively check whether the components of the transmission system are suitable, whether the safety protection device is credible, the blade outlet does not shake, turn on the power switch, turn on the fan first, and observe whether there is any abnormality, idling Don't take too long to prevent damage to the blade

2. If it is found that the equipment is not operating normally, the power supply should be disconnected immediately, and the mechanical and electrical equipment parts that are not allowed to be disassembled without authorization should be checked and repaired by professional maintenance technicians.

3. After the dry chili shredding machine is finished, disconnect the power supply, and clean the shredding machine. It is forbidden to directly clean the electrical equipment with water to prevent electric shock accidents or burn the motor.

4. After the operation is successful, unscrew the mouth ring, a knife and a hinge shaft. After cleaning, reload it for the next use.



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