Automatic chili chopper

Automatic chili chopper

Processing capacity: 500-800KG/HR
Power supply: 220V single-phase
Horsepower: 1/2HP+1/2HP
Machine size: 750X500X1000mm
Cutting length: 1-60mm
Machine weight: 60KG

Product introduction:

The automatic chili chopping machine has a high degree of automation, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the staff and improves the work efficiency. , does not require a lot of manual work, the shell of the automatic chili chopper is made of thickened stainless steel plate, which is clean, hygienic, reliable and efficient. It can chop 300-500 kg of chili in 60 minutes.

Scope of application:

The automatic chili chopper is mainly used for the chopping of dried chili, fresh chili, green chili, etc. It is widely used in food manufacturers that need chili.

Product advantages:

1. The shell of the automatic chili chopper is made of thickened stainless steel plate, which is clean, hygienic, reliable and efficient.

2. When working, you can see the operation status of the knife, to prevent the cut chili from plugging the knife, and there is a vibrating screen inside, which can separate the chili from the chili seeds.

3. The automatic chili chopper can process 300-500 kg in 60 minutes. This equipment is a good machine for chili processing enterprises, food factories, chili production areas, etc. to carry out deep processing of chili.

2. The adjustable eccentric wheel of the automatic chili shredder is to lift the blade up by 1-2 mm after the knife rest reaches the bottom dead center. Compared with the plate comb, it is not easy to be damaged and the material is discharged smoothly.

3. The automatic chili chopper has a reasonable structure, easy application, and convenient and fast maintenance.


The actual operator should stand on the side of the feeding port, and it is forbidden to stretch their hands into the feeding port. The cover cannot be opened during operation and the equipment has not stopped stably.

2. It is forbidden to run under load. When the feeding port is blocked, it is forbidden to force feeding by hand or wooden stick. It should be stopped immediately for inspection. When working, it is necessary to feed the material properly and evenly. If there are semi-wet materials that are not dry, try to dry them, or reduce the feeding amount.

3. Always check the firmness of each component to prevent it from falling off and damaging the equipment.

4. When the machine is shut down, the equipment should be idling for a while, the remaining material in the machine should be blown off, and then the machine should be shut down.

5. When the equipment is out of use, clean the items outside the machine, fill all rotating parts with grease, and store it in a warehouse with dry air and no corrosive air.



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