Double head air bag vacuum capping machine

Double head air bag vacuum capping machine

Product performance parameters:
Number of heads: 2
Speed: 1000-2500 times/hour
The diameter of the screw cap is: 37-75mm
Suitable bottle height: 60-100mm
Suitable for bottle neck: 35-75mm
Capping speed: 35-100 times/min
Power supply rated power: 220v/35HZ1500W

Product introduction:

This equipment learns from overseas advanced technical level, and is developed by scientific research based on the needs of domestic customers. The equipment integrates automatic bottle feeding, automatic capping and capping, automatic vacuuming and capping, and automatic bottle output. The production and processing efficiency is high, and the start-up operation is relatively stable and reliable. The ideal vacuum capping machine and equipment for tinplate three (four) capping in health food and other industries.

Product advantages:

1. The equipment integrates the system automatic bottle feeding, system automatic bottle unloading, system automatic capping, system automatic vacuuming, system automatic capping, system automatic bottle outputting, fast production and processing speed, high work efficiency, and relatively low start-up operation. Stable and reliable.

2. The equipment adopts a fully enclosed vacuum structure and the principle of a screw-on cap, and the vacuum can be adjusted as needed.

3. The equipment is mainly composed of a bottle transport function module, a cap arrangement function module, an electric cap removal function module, a cap screw function module, a vacuum pumping system, and an electric control function module. The structure is compact and the degree of mechanical automation is high. , the operation steps are very simple, and the labor is reasonably saved.

4. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, with beautiful appearance design, easy to clean, and meets the requirements of food hygiene and safety in my country.

5. The bottle feeding mechanism is equipped with photoelectric inductive safety protection equipment, which strengthens the stability of the machine's start-up operation and system reliability.

6. The equipment needs to be used with a vacuum pump, and the system can automatically vacuum and screw the cap.

After-sale service:

All products will be refunded or replaced within 30 days of delivery, and all costs will be borne by the seller.

1. The product received by the customer does not match the model purchased

2. The product received by the customer does not meet the requirements of the order, resulting in it cannot be used normally

3. Damaged during transportation and cannot be repaired

4. The product has defects that cannot be used normally and cannot be repaired

All products sold are guaranteed for one year (except for human-caused reasons), free replacement and maintenance



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