Planet stir seasoning saucepan
  • Planet stir seasoning saucepan

Planet stir seasoning saucepan

Pot volume:100L
Pot depth:800mm
Revolution speed:6.7-33
Rotation speed:14-69.3
Weight of the equipment:700kg

Product introduction

Planetary stirring sauce frying pan is a sauce frying pan produced and manufactured by our company. The heating mode of the equipment is electromagnetic heating, which is environment-friendly and energy-saving. It saves 20% - 30% power than the general electric heating type. It is heated quickly and has temperature controllability; Temperature control and continuous production can ensure that the frying temperature of food is consistent; The planetary stirring seasoning chili sauce frying pan can be used for the production and processing of various seasoning sauce products.

Scope of application

Planetary stirring saucepan is widely used in the production and processing of chili sauce, fruit paste, bean stuffing, jujube paste, sauce, curry and other sauces

Products advantage:
1. The pot body is molded with 304 stainless steel plate. It is closed as a whole without blind area. It is easy to clean and does not paste the pot.

2. The frame parts of the planetary seasoning sauce frying pan are made of 304 stainless steel and polished, which meets the specifications of health inspection standards.

3. Temperature control and continuous production: ensure that the frying temperature of food is consistent.

4. Electromagnetic heating is environment-friendly and energy-saving, which saves 20% - 30% power compared with ordinary electric heating, with rapid heating and temperature controllability;

5. The sauce frying pan adopts 360 degree planetary scraping bottom mixing, and there is no blind area and no pot paste

6. Chili sauce frying pan is fully automated, the system automatically turns over the pan, the system automatically discharges materials, and one key operation saves time

1. To lubricate the reducer of the planetary stirring sauce frying pan regularly;

2. The mixing facilities must be operated automatically in the frying process; When connecting the power supply for the first time, check whether the facility shell is leaking electricity. If leakage is detected, check the electrical circuit immediately;

3. Before the formal using of planetary seasoning sauce frying pan, the agitator must be operated without load. If there is no abnormal noise, it can be put into use;

4. In the working process of facility, it is forbidden to put hands in the pot to prevent risks;

5. In case of invalid operation and continuous mixing of automatic mixing frying pan, the power supply shall be cut off in time for inspection, and the operation can be put into operation again after the phenomenon is cleared



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