Frequency conversion pepper cleaning machine
  • Frequency conversion pepper cleaning machine

Frequency conversion pepper cleaning machine

Type: Chilli washing machine

Product  introduction

Washing is very important in pepper processing. The washed pepper will be not only a product, but also a primary product in Pepper deep processing. Washing is more important than the quality of pepper processed products. With the help of washing pepper, the frequency conversion pepper cleaning machine can remove surface dirt, microorganisms and residual pesticides. Before washing, the total number of microorganisms on the surface of pepper is between 104 ~ 108G. The total number of microorganisms of some leafy vegetables and root vegetables is higher because they are attached to soil. With the help of correct flushing process, the total number of microorganisms will be reduced to about 2.5% ~ 5% of its initial total number. The washing effect of frequency conversion pepper washing machine depends on the washing date, washing temperature, the action form of mechanical force, as well as the harm of factors such as pH value, hardness and mineral composition of washing liquid. In addition to the mechanical force, the rinsing effect of pepper can also be significantly improved by adding surfactant or detergent.

Scope application

The frequency conversion pepper cleaning machine is mainly used to clean leafy vegetables, roots and tubers, edible fungi, shells, jellyfish, fruits and agricultural and sideline products of Chinese herbal medicine.

 Feature of the product

1. The frequency conversion pepper cleaning machine uses food grade materials, which are relatively stable and green. The transportation is stable, the speed can be adjusted manually, and the materials move with the conveyor belt, which can prevent damage to the transported goods.


2. It has low noise and is suitable for places with quiet office environment. The cleaning machine uses water bath bubble cleaning. With the help of the tumbling effect of bubbles in the release link, the materials produce irregular strong tumbling movement in the water,


3. With the help of the movement of materials, the frequency conversion pepper cleaning machine reasonably separates the surface attachments of the cleaned objects and simulates the basic action of manual cleaning,


4. In view of the tumbling movement of materials formed in the steam water mixture, the damage to materials caused by collision, knock and scratch in the cleaning process is reasonably prevented, and the production efficiency is improved,


5. The cleaning machine adds the spray cleaning function in the material transportation link, so that the materials can be cleaned by spraying after the steam water bath cleaning. The function of this process is to replace and eliminate the dirty water on the surface of the materials and improve the cleaning effect of the materials



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