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About GG Lifters

Qingdao GG Lifters Co., Ltd, an established Factory in Qingdao (China), with state of the art facility to design, manufacture and install world-class solutions for automated & mechanical car parking and car service lifts offered to our customers worldwide.

Our competent team in multi languages (English, Chinese, Italian, Arabic, Japanese,... etc) is well prepared to anticipate, identify and exceed our customers’ expectations. In addition we implemented Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System to integrate data & processes across our multiple departments for better and faster performance.

GG Lifters enjoys excellent experience packed with strong technical know-how using latest manufacturing machines such as CNC Plasma, Press Brake, Cutting, Drilling and Welding to guarantee the quality of every single part with minimal error and meeting international manufacturing standards in all production stages.

GG Lifters through its Research and Development team is committed to provide unmatched quality yet maintaining efficient & ergonomic operation to insure producing durable and competitive solutions.

We had successfuly past CE test for single post car parking lift (Model POP20/1850), pit car parking lift (PDK20L2) , Triple stacker parking lift(PEP54/3500) , Clear floor two post car lift(LTC45/1960) Hydraulic Pit car parking lift(USS-2) & ISO CAERTIFICATION. And CE for other products are on applying.


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